The primary focus of Common Sense Management Consultants is to put common sense back in business. We work with you to understand what makes you unique and identify what keeps you up at night. Then we will work together to develop a sensible approach to resolve those issues. Our other specialties are staff training, coaching & development and process improvement. They may seem very different but they often go hand-in-hand. By asking the right questions, a smarter resolution can be developed and implemented – saving you time and money!

Accounting and Book-keeping
Assist in training or re-training employees
Business strategy, planning & execution
Develop "best practices" and eliminate costly surprises
Ensure quality and repeatability of results
Ensure timely, accurate, accessible information
Facilitate the organization's ability to obtain contracts
Feasibility studies and business plans
Human resource consulting
Improve business efficiency
Measures to save administrative costs
Operational turnaround & transformation
Productivity & performance improvement
Quality and standardization consulting
Streamlining operations
VAT consultancy
Working capital & CapEx optimization


Whatever your industry, challenges or issues you face, we can make it straight with our powerful common sense approach.